Sunday, September 28, 2014

Shane and Wyatt at Bucknell

It is football season and that means a family trip to Bucknell to cheer on our friend, Head Football Coach Joe Susan and the Bucknell Bison.  I would like to thank Coach for again having us as his guest and for taking time to visit with us after the game. I know with the team, parents, boosters and recruits that your time is limited and I appreciate all you've done for us. Again, we had a blast and as you can see in the photo, Shane and Wyatt were happy to see you.

To the people who sat near us during the game, I hope the kids weren't to much. You see, my kids like to run around, cheer with the cheerleaders and dance with the band. They also tend to hug anyone willing to hug back and will high-five everyone within reach. At one point, Wyatt sat down right on the steps leading up into the stands, must have decided he had the best view of the field  and refused to move which caused some people to walk around him. I guess they could have stepped on him and I'm glad that wasn't the option taken. So, I hope next year when we arrive you don't see us and think "oh no, please don't sit by us again".  LOL

The highlight of the trip is after the game when we head down onto the field. All three boys ran the field and all three scored at least one game winning TD.  Thank you to all the kids and fathers who included my boys with your kids in a game of catch.  At one point I saw Wyatt about 50 yards away from me running into the end zone wearing a football helmet. I still don't know where he got the helmet but good for him.  A short time after that I saw Cindy Susan, wife of the football coach, playing catch with Shane. AWESOME and thanks again.

I guess I should end by saying, yes Bucknell won the game.  Coach, in case your wondering, I think we are good luck to the program as you never lost when we have been in the stands. Thanks again for a great evening.



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