Friday, February 13, 2015

Shane and Wyatt Down Syndrome Foundation: Shane and Wyatt Down Syndrome Foundation Dinner an...

Shane and Wyatt Down Syndrome Foundation: Shane and Wyatt Down Syndrome Foundation Dinner an...: On March 21, 2015 the SWDSF will be hosting our third dinner and fundraiser at the South River Portuguese Club.  The food, as always, will b...

Shane and Wyatt Down Syndrome Foundation Dinner and Fundraiser

On March 21, 2015 the SWDSF will be hosting our third dinner and fundraiser at the South River Portuguese Club.  The food, as always, will be cater by the Ria Mar Restaurant.  This event is a fundraiser that raises money so that we may continue to provide support and resources to individuals with Down syndrome.  The money also helps us to advocate for issue related not just to Down syndrome but for all causes related to special needs or children that may be hospitalized.  Over this past year, we have continued to purchases iPads and have given 10 to children who needed them, we gave away over 30 4-DVD sets to help children and families learn sign language, we were able to provide a gift to almost 150 kids over the holidays and have support others in various ways.  We continue to advocate and Shane and Wyatt have thrown out first pitches, flipped the coin at football games, been honorary captains and will do even more in 2015.  We will be hosting the first ever Down Syndrome Awareness Day with the Somerset Patriots on June 7th and are working on other events as well. We also have supported Make A Wish, as both Shane and Wyatt are Wish Kids, The Buddy Walk of South Plainfield NJ and The Janet Weis Children's Hospital.

We are only able to do this with your support.  This March 21st, will be our third fundraiser and last year was a super event.  They get bigger each year and are a ton of fun.  Last year we had over 250 people attend and I hope we have even more this year.  Sara Weir, President of the National Down Syndrome Society will be our guest and I promise you will enjoy what she has to say as she speaks to the exciting future for Shane, Wyatt and so many others.  Individuals with Down syndrome are today working in jobs they love, get married, attend college, are self advocates and some even work in Washington DC on such bills like The Able Act.

We not only hope you attend our event in person, but we also need your help with gifts for our raffle. Nearly all the past gifts have been donated to the event.  We are looking for themed gift baskets, tickets to events / shows / sporting events, gift cards, dinners, one of a kind experiences, hotel stays, sign or autographed memorabilia or just about anything.  No donation is to big or to small.  We need your help.  Please consider a donation.

Below is the link to purchase tickets or to make an on line donation.  Individuals with Down syndrome are free.  Come out for a fun time, good food, sangria, dancing, raffle and to meet new or to see old friends.  Please contact me with any questions, to make a donation or to help.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Shane and Wyatt Down Syndrome Foundation: Shane and Wyatt at Bucknell

Shane and Wyatt Down Syndrome Foundation: Shane and Wyatt at Bucknell: It is football season and that means a family trip to Bucknell to cheer on our friend, Head Football Coach Joe Susan and the Bucknell Bis...

Shane and Wyatt at Bucknell

It is football season and that means a family trip to Bucknell to cheer on our friend, Head Football Coach Joe Susan and the Bucknell Bison.  I would like to thank Coach for again having us as his guest and for taking time to visit with us after the game. I know with the team, parents, boosters and recruits that your time is limited and I appreciate all you've done for us. Again, we had a blast and as you can see in the photo, Shane and Wyatt were happy to see you.

To the people who sat near us during the game, I hope the kids weren't to much. You see, my kids like to run around, cheer with the cheerleaders and dance with the band. They also tend to hug anyone willing to hug back and will high-five everyone within reach. At one point, Wyatt sat down right on the steps leading up into the stands, must have decided he had the best view of the field  and refused to move which caused some people to walk around him. I guess they could have stepped on him and I'm glad that wasn't the option taken. So, I hope next year when we arrive you don't see us and think "oh no, please don't sit by us again".  LOL

The highlight of the trip is after the game when we head down onto the field. All three boys ran the field and all three scored at least one game winning TD.  Thank you to all the kids and fathers who included my boys with your kids in a game of catch.  At one point I saw Wyatt about 50 yards away from me running into the end zone wearing a football helmet. I still don't know where he got the helmet but good for him.  A short time after that I saw Cindy Susan, wife of the football coach, playing catch with Shane. AWESOME and thanks again.

I guess I should end by saying, yes Bucknell won the game.  Coach, in case your wondering, I think we are good luck to the program as you never lost when we have been in the stands. Thanks again for a great evening.



Saturday, September 27, 2014

Buddy Walk on Oct 4th for Down Syndrome Awareness

On Saturday October 4th, Shane and Wyatt will be at the Buddy Walk in South Plainfield NJ to walk and celebrate Down Syndrome awareness. The Buddy Walk was established in 1995 by the National Down Syndrome Society to celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness Month in October and to promote acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome.

We have set a team goal of $2,500 for this walk in support of NDSS. I am asking that you support us next Saturday by walking with us if you are available to do so. You can also support Team Shane and Wyatt by making a donation and help us reach our goal.

Please use this link to make a donation and help support the NDSS, Shane & Wyatt and all individuals with Down syndrome.

This walk is so important to our family and I appreciate you taking the time to read this and I do hope that you consider support our time and help us reach our goal. Thank you for your support.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

This is EXCITING!!! TWO exciting GIVEAWAYS from Shane and Wyatt Down Syndrome Foundation

When I started Shane and Wyatt Down Syndrome Foundation (SWDSF), I had two main objectives.  The first was to help families and individuals with Down syndrome and the second was to advocate for Down syndrome Awareness.

You may or may not know, October is National Down syndrome Awareness month.  I wanted to do something special that both helped individuals or families and also advocated for Down syndrome.  I believe, the SWDSF has put together two very exciting programs for October that accomplish both.

First, we have partnered with Baby Signing Time - Two Little Hands and SWDSF will be giving away a Baby Signing Time DVD/CD Combo Bundle (valued $69.95) to one family each day throughout the month of October. This package is a great first step into signing and was created specifically for babies as young as 3 months old up to 3 years old.  This is a 4 DVD/CD set and contains the first 4 volumes in the collection.  Click Here to learn more about this combo bundle and what is included, SWDSF Giveaway.

I am so excited!! This is the exact same bundle that I bought for Shane and Wyatt.  Our family still uses it and this has helped all of us to learn sign language.  Shane and Wyatt, now 3 1/2 years old, still do not speak but do communicate to us through signing.  I wish I had purchased and started using this when they were months old.  I believe in this product and know that it works and will help your child and your family.

This giveaway is for any individual with Down syndrome that hasn't yet learned to sign but needs to.  You can start showing and kids have started to sign as early as 3 months old.  You may register for this giveaway at Register for Giveaway.  Good Luck!!  Please share with a family that could use this.  Increase your chances and ask the family, grandparents, aunts and uncles to register as well.  Register today!

Second, I wanted to put together a program that advocates for individuals with Down syndrome.  SWDSF has purchased 31 of the Just Like You Down Syndrome DVDs.  I will send a copy of this DVD for free to any school, hospital or library in NJ or PA.  I want to make sure in order to receive a copy, the institution wants the DVD and will use it.  I know some of you are teachers, doctors and librarians or have family members that are.  Maybe you have contacts that are.  This giveaway is simple, Please send an email to  Please include the contact person, name of the institution, mailing address and a note as to why they want it or what they will do with it.  From the emails, I will select 31 and will send them off.  This has the potential to impact thousands of people.  This past May, our family had the opportunity to show this DVD to Jesse's entire school and I also did a presentation on Down syndrome which included Q/A from the students.  Jesse was so excited to bring Shane and Wyatt to school that day and we had so much fun.  We can do the same for your school as well.

I hope that you find what we are doing as exciting as I do.  I wanted to do something special this year, something that both helped individuals and advocated for Down syndrome.  Please share this with your friends and family and as always, thank you for your support.

SWDSF is also currently working on our official non-profit status and we are working to create our website.  This is taking longer then expected and hopefully we will have both completed soon.

If you have any questions for comments, please feel free to contact me at If you received this by email and no longer wish to receive an email of my blog or from SWDSF, let me know and I will remove your address.  If you would like to be added, let me know.

Thanks again,
Shane and Wyatt Down Syndrome Foundation
PO Box 214
Lehighton, PA  18235

Friday, November 2, 2012

Helping the Down Syndrome Community after Hurricane Sandy

This past week we witnessed the storm of the century.  Hurricane Sandy set her sights on the East Coast of the United States and her wrath was felt from Florida to Maine, from New Jersey to Wisconsin and all the states in between.  This storm struck with devastating wind, rain, floods and snow and in doing so, it left millions of people without power, destroyed property and even claimed lives in its aftermath.  

Today as I recover from 3 days without power, some damage to my house and lose of all my food in my refrigerators, I worry and pray for the millions of people who have it far worse than I do.  I know during the storm and after losing power, I needed to relocate my family as it was to cold to keep kids in the house.  Also, Shane and Wyatt need electricity for their apnea monitors and feeding machines, both require continuous feeds through the night.  Just knowing what I had to do, again makes me think of the families who are still struggling.  There are millions of people still without power, families who can not and will not return home due to damage from wind, fire or flood.  There are families who are cold, hungry, out of gas and are really struggling at the moment.

I know the Down syndrome community is a close knit family.  We rally when we have a cause and often come to the aid of those in need.  We need to do this yet again.  I have decided, through the Shane and Wyatt Down Syndrome Foundation, that we will try to assist a few families.  I am hoping that we can provide $50 gift cards so that a family may purchase food, gas or clothing.  I realize that this wont make all things better but maybe will help, even if just a little bit.

I am asking for your help.  Every dollar donated will go to a family that has suffered through this hurricane.  I have made my donation and I hope that this will provide some relief for a couple families.  Please consider doing the same and please feel free to share or email this to your family, friends, business owners, professional athletes or anyone who understands and supports and might be able to help.  I am not setting a goal of how much I would like to collect but I know we are ready to send 2 gift cards with my donation and I hope that we can send 50 or 100 or to every family nominated to receive a gift card.  This is so important.

Please send checks payable to Shane and Wyatt Down Syndrome Foundation, PO Box 214, Lehighton PA  18235 or consider a donation with Paypal to  

Now, if you would like to add your family to the list or if you would like to nominate a family to receive a gift card, please do so by emailing me at  I will acknowledge each email.  I will place the family name on an index card and pull a name for each $50 donated.  I will pull the first two names next friday and will mail the cards shortly afterwards.

The rules are simple, a family must have an immediate family member with Down syndrome.  The family must have been in the path and suffered directly from the hurricane.  Please include a brief note on the storm and the impact on your / the family, who is the individual with Down syndrome, mailing address and the preferred grocery store and gas station. 

My family will not benefit from this in any way. I will also post on the Shane and Wyatt Down Syndrome page on Facebook the amount donated and the winners by name only of the families receiving Gift Cards.  I really hope that we can make a difference and with your help, help more then just a few families.

Thank You and God Bless.