Monday, April 27, 2020

Daily Hugs from Shane and Wyatt

Daily Hugs

Anyone who has ever met or spent time with Shane and Wyatt probably received a hug.  Well, assuming of course they liked you.  LOL.  Don’t blame me if you weren’t hugged.  Anyway, since the start of the COVID19 stay at home orders, Shane and Wyatt have been home every day.  This is hard for them as they don’t understand why they aren’t going to school and why they aren’t going anywhere.  At times, this is tough on them.

We know that many people follow Shane and Wyatt on twitter at @shaneandwyatt1 and on Facebook at @shaneandwyatt and we try to post uplifting stories about them and their journey through life with Down syndrome.  It is become more difficult now that they are home everyday to post about their travels or events.  So, we have decided that the first post of each day will be a photo of a hug.  We hope that you see the photo and smile.  We hope maybe you see the photo and think about a time when you received a hug from them or from anyone that was heart felt and genuine.  

We have hundreds of photos with many people.  Keep checking the daily post to see when (if) one of your hugs makes the cut.  As I write this, we have posted twice. Both photos had connections to South River NJ, both were with a person we love and have done so much for Shane and Wyatt in supporting them.  We love you Mike DeSantis and Coach Joe Susan and can’t wait to hug you both again soon.

Try to start each day with a smile and of course with a hug.  Until we hug again …. 

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