Friday, November 2, 2012

Helping the Down Syndrome Community after Hurricane Sandy

This past week we witnessed the storm of the century.  Hurricane Sandy set her sights on the East Coast of the United States and her wrath was felt from Florida to Maine, from New Jersey to Wisconsin and all the states in between.  This storm struck with devastating wind, rain, floods and snow and in doing so, it left millions of people without power, destroyed property and even claimed lives in its aftermath.  

Today as I recover from 3 days without power, some damage to my house and lose of all my food in my refrigerators, I worry and pray for the millions of people who have it far worse than I do.  I know during the storm and after losing power, I needed to relocate my family as it was to cold to keep kids in the house.  Also, Shane and Wyatt need electricity for their apnea monitors and feeding machines, both require continuous feeds through the night.  Just knowing what I had to do, again makes me think of the families who are still struggling.  There are millions of people still without power, families who can not and will not return home due to damage from wind, fire or flood.  There are families who are cold, hungry, out of gas and are really struggling at the moment.

I know the Down syndrome community is a close knit family.  We rally when we have a cause and often come to the aid of those in need.  We need to do this yet again.  I have decided, through the Shane and Wyatt Down Syndrome Foundation, that we will try to assist a few families.  I am hoping that we can provide $50 gift cards so that a family may purchase food, gas or clothing.  I realize that this wont make all things better but maybe will help, even if just a little bit.

I am asking for your help.  Every dollar donated will go to a family that has suffered through this hurricane.  I have made my donation and I hope that this will provide some relief for a couple families.  Please consider doing the same and please feel free to share or email this to your family, friends, business owners, professional athletes or anyone who understands and supports and might be able to help.  I am not setting a goal of how much I would like to collect but I know we are ready to send 2 gift cards with my donation and I hope that we can send 50 or 100 or to every family nominated to receive a gift card.  This is so important.

Please send checks payable to Shane and Wyatt Down Syndrome Foundation, PO Box 214, Lehighton PA  18235 or consider a donation with Paypal to  

Now, if you would like to add your family to the list or if you would like to nominate a family to receive a gift card, please do so by emailing me at  I will acknowledge each email.  I will place the family name on an index card and pull a name for each $50 donated.  I will pull the first two names next friday and will mail the cards shortly afterwards.

The rules are simple, a family must have an immediate family member with Down syndrome.  The family must have been in the path and suffered directly from the hurricane.  Please include a brief note on the storm and the impact on your / the family, who is the individual with Down syndrome, mailing address and the preferred grocery store and gas station. 

My family will not benefit from this in any way. I will also post on the Shane and Wyatt Down Syndrome page on Facebook the amount donated and the winners by name only of the families receiving Gift Cards.  I really hope that we can make a difference and with your help, help more then just a few families.

Thank You and God Bless.