Monday, October 18, 2010

Kansas - Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City

This weekend I had the privilege of wearing a Step Up for Down syndrome shirt form this year’s walk in Kansas City which was sponsored by The Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City (DSG).  I would like to start by saying “Thank You” to everyone from Kansas City who wanted to make sure that a shirt was sent my way.  I want to especially say thanks to Amy Allison, Executive Director, of DSG who not only sent the shirt but also sent me information about the DSG.  It is clear to me the folks there know exactly what they are doing and are doing it well. 
Now, I would like to introduce you to this fantastic organization and tell you a little about what they do.  The DSG of Greater Kansas City, a nonprofit 501c3 organization, provides programs and services to improve the quality of life for individuals and families.  DSG currently serves over 1100 families and partners with 45 school districts and 22 hospitals to provide current and accurate information regarding best practices in supporting individuals with Down syndrome.
DSG offers resources including the DSG Center, website, resource library, Connections Newsletter, expectant parent supports, New Parent Magazine and Sharing the News Brochure.
DSG also offers education programs and services, including an annual educational conference, conference scholarships, seminars and workshops, Smart Start Program, inclusion solutions along with Down Syndrome Specialists.
DSG offers outreach programs like parent to parent network, support breakfasts, Hospital meal voucher program, peer presentations, changing lives presentations, birthday club program and community groups.
Some of the Social Opportunities offered by DSG include All Guild events, infant/preschool group, elementary age group, STARS teen program, adult group and of course, The Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk which is one of the largest in the country with over 7,000 participants.  WOW!!
I think they have thought of everything.  I am so impressed with what DSG is doing to help families and to promote awareness.  Thank you Amy for introducing me to this great organization and to everyone who is involved with DSG for all that you do.  I personally want to come and visit you and see firsthand your center and to meet the people of Kansas City. 
Please visit the Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City at or (913) 384-4848.  There is something there for everyone no matter where you live.  Also consider helping them by volunteering or sending a donation.  I know they would appreciate it.
Also visit First Downs for Down Syndrome (FDFDS).  FDFDS partners with the Kansas City Chiefs offensive line to promote greater awareness of individuals with Down syndrome.  FDFDS provides significant financial support to the Down Syndrome Guild of Great Kansas City and to the Down syndrome clinic at Children’s Mercy Hospital and other Down syndrome organizations.  Please visit First Down for Down syndrome at or (913) 722-2499.  This has turned me into a Chiefs Fan, after the NY Giants.
The next shirt that I will wear was sent to me from the Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress Buddy Walk. 

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  1. Nice writeup Eric! Thanks for the props on the work we do. DSG is blessed to have wonderful families to work with and a dedicated board and staff who make the magic happen. I look forward to reading your writeups on the other groups who send you shirts!

    Amy Allison
    Executive Director
    Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City

  2. Eric: I'm a member of the DSG here in KC - they are considered to be one of the best in the country! Well, I may be partial, BUT I do hear everyone speaking good things of them, even those in other organizations!


  3. Yes, I feel fortunate to be with KCDSG. They are such a fantastic organization and helps in so many ways. I appreciate their educating the hospitals on letting families know that Down Syndrome is not a reason to mourn but to rejoice. I also appreciate the community groups. I am proud of the newest group, Dotte Friends, which I get to organize. We are growing and having a great time at it.