Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wyatt is Back in the Hospital

Here we go again.  Back in January, while in surgery, surgeons discovered that Wyatt was missing the left side of his diaphragm.  A new diaphragm was constructed and attached.   We all thought finally that this is could be the last of the major medical issues for Wyatt.  Well, if nothing else, the last year has taught us to take one day at a time and to not look to far ahead.  We have also learned that sometimes we need to take the day hour by hour even when all looks good because with Shane and Wyatt, things can change quickly.
A few weeks ago, we started to see a change in Wyatt again.  Both kids were sick and Shane even spent a week in the hospital with a high fever and a UTI.  Wyatt never really became as sick as Shane but all along we knew he just wasn’t himself.  Then he became constipated and this caused much stress for the poor guy.  After five days we finally got his bowels moving again and finally some relief.  This was short lived as this past weekend Wyatt appeared to be constipated again.  On Wednesday, Wyatt and Shane both came to Geisinger Medical Center to see their GI Doctor.  During this visit, at the request (demanding!?!) of mom an x-ray was ordered for Wyatt.  Mary knew Wyatt wasn’t himself and knew there was something more than a cold or stomach virus making him unhappy.  BINGO!!  Wyatt has bowel up in his chest cavity and it appears that his diaphragm detached and he was immediately admitted into the Janet Weis Children’s Hospital @ Geisinger. 
Wyatt is currently being evaluated and it looks as though he will spend another night here in the hospital again.  His situation is serious but he is doing well and appears to be stable.  Tonight the plan is to see if he can tolerate his regular overnight continuous feeds, remain pain free and not need oxygen beyond his normal overnight requirements.  If he passes all three tests he might be discharged to spend Easter at home with his family.  This would make us all very happy.
Wyatt will be having surgery again next week to reattach his constructed diaphragm, again.  This is a major surgery that will require his chest to be opened again.  We have been through this before and we will get through it again.  Right now, I just want to make sure he is well enough to come home and spend this weekend with us.  I will stress about next week, next week. 
Before I end this, one last thought.  Moms, trust your gut and force the issue if need be.  I have come to realize that no one knows their kids better then a Mother.  If you feel that something isn’t right just done settle for what a doctor or professional tells you.  Wyatt is his own medical journal and doesn’t follow normal behaviors in terms of medical procedures.  Twice Mary had demanded more be done and both times a very serious condition was discovered after it was thought he was clear to go.   
As always, Mary and I thank you for your support and prayers.  You are very important to us and you all give us strength.  Happy Easter and God Bless.

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  1. Thoughts and prayers...Moms definitely know their kids like the back of their hands..and hopefully, we won't have to scream so loud and they will listen to us the first time around.

  2. Thoughts and Prayers..... You are SO very RIGHT mothers do know their kids better then anyone it was last year my son passed all the signs that his appendix was alright I insisted something was wrong after a CT scan it wasn't 20 minutes later the Dr called my cell having us report back to the hospital for an emergency surgery his appendix was about to rupture. Dr said to me "I will never question a mom" (he was a newer MD)

  3. Wise words born from experience, unfortunately. We've also battled doctors when we just 'knew' something else was going on - and have rarely been mistaken. Hang in their mom and dad!

  4. We will be praying for your family.

  5. My daughter (4 w/ DS) was constipated this past summer, but I knew it was more than that. After her regular doctor insisted it was just constipation and sent us on our way I ended up rushing her to the ER when she started gagging a bit. They did an x-ray and found nothing, but I insisted they admit her (and yeah - they all thought I was nuts). The next day they did an ultrasound which showed she had an intisuception of the large intestine - basically part of the intestine started to telescope on itself, and if left alone can result in lengths of dead intestine and later, death).

    I totally agree - Moms and Dads often know better than the doctors!