Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I am going to Change the World

I thought that I would share a conversation that I just had with my 4 year old, Jesse.
This conversation took place literally minutes ago, few minutes past midnight.   I thought I heard him still awake in his room and thought I would go in to check on him.  As I walk in he sits up and looks at me.
Me – “hey buddy, are you OK?”
Jesse – “yes, are you OK?”
Me – ‘I am, does your stomach hurt?”
Jesse – “no, does your stomach hurt?”
Me – “No, why are you awake? Can’t you fall asleep?”
Jesse – “No Papa, I can’t fall asleep.  I am having a hard time.”
Me – “Why? What’s wrong?”
Jesse – “I am thinking about how I am going to change the world”
Me – “How do you think you will do that?”
Jesse – “With my super powers and I don’t think it is working”
Me – “Don’t worry buddy, one day you will change the world”
Jesse – “Really?”
With that he put his head down on his pillow as says “Oh good”
“Good Night Papa”
“Good Night Buddy”


  1. Such a simple story that will stay with me all day. You and Mary were put in our world to grow three special children that will change it. What an awesome job for two awesome parents. Though we don't speak, I think and pray of you both often. Love this. Lois

  2. great! You hadda go and make me cry first thing in the AM.....
    What a precious child Jesse is. I really and truly believe he WILL go on in life to do something that changes the world :-)